To promote Rotaract and showcase how clubs epitomize Rotary’s Motto of “Service Above Self” during the week of March 8-14, World Rotaract Week.

The Project:

The goal of the Rotaract of Dalhousie’s Social Media Storm is to showcase what Rotaract means to its Members. The hope is to promote the Social Media Storm to fellow Rotaractors that Members know in different clubs, and for them to pass the information along to people they know (essentially use the ripple effect to spread the word of the project). The ultimate goal is to see how large of a reach one club can achieve within the Rotaract community in the course of one week, and view different Rotaract projects from around the world.

Vines make the possibility for clubs from different languages to be able to showcase their projects and clubs without needing to be able to communicate in a common language.

How it Works:

Decide, individually or as a club, what Rotaract means to you, or special projects that your club has done. The sky is really the limit, and every idea will be a great idea!

Using a method of your choice (vines, pictures, videos, text..), share what Rotaract means to you  on the social media site(s) of your choice. Our top selections are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. When you post, use all three of the hashtags #Rotaract, #RotaractStorm and #Rotary to ensure that we achieve the greatest reach possible. If on twitter, please also tweet it to @Rotary for Rotary International to see what we are doing.

Once it is uploaded, you can go see what other Rotaractors are doing and challenge other Rotaract friends to post as well. Please do not limit yourself to one post. You are welcome to post as many as you would like!!

Every idea is a great idea! Just don’t forget to hashtag #Rotaract, #Rotary and #RotaractStorm when uploading your submission!

Happy Storming!